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What is mindfulness?

Elevate your life through the inner workings of your mental, emotional, and physical processes. Work together with one of our Mindfulness Teachers and receive guidance to discover the many different mindfulness techniques and improve your skills for a healthier and happier way of living.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a meditation technique that involves sensing and feeling your thoughts without making any interpretation or judgment. Mindfulness incorporates the use of breathing patterns and guided imagery to achieve an alert state whereby you are able to focus on the present moment.

Is mindfulness necessary for your well-being?
great stress reliever

Mindfulness practices enable you to release negative emotions, which in turn goes a long way in reducing stress levels. The fact that mindfulness allows you to focus on the present also clears your mind off any worries you might be having regarding your future. By appreciating the good things in the present, you significantly reduce stress.

reduces depression

Not only does depression result in fatal mental and emotional turmoil, but also remains one of the major causes of failing physical health and stomach ulcers. Meditation exercises clear your mind, which comes in handy in turning off depressing thoughts.

reduces anxiety

Meditation exercises have remained among the highly recommended practices for cancer patients by medical practitioners due to the fact that mindfulness significantly reduces anxiety. An anxious body often responds negatively to medication, a major reason why recovering patients are often encouraged to take on mindfulness training for faster healing.

Why our Mindfulness training?

Convenient meditation practices

We provide online meditation routines and classes that you can easily follow in the comfort of your home. Moreover, organized physical meditation sessions provide clients with a chance to meet other patients struggling with similar conditions. Numerous studies to date have shown that talking out a problem with a fellow victim who understands significantly lowers the concurrent depression and stress levels. Sessions can take place in Miami or online for your convenience.

Experienced and understanding mindfulness experts

Throughout our experience in undertaking mindfulness training for various clients, we have gained vast knowledge of a couple of situations that are most likely to derive patients off mental and emotional peace. More often than not, situations troubling you are usually similar to other patients, and you can rest assured that we will totally understand the turmoil you are going through as a recovering patient. With the combination of experience and skills, you can trust that we will provide you with the best mindfulness exercise routines to finally put your mind at peace for effective healing.

Do you do on-location mindfulness training?

Natura Health Consulting provides on-location mindfulness meditation in Miami and Florida. Moreover, clients can also access our meditation training services online.

Not sure where to start?, free discovery call

Book a 45-minute confidential phone call with one of our health coaches that will allow you to identify your health goals and understand how you may be getting in your own way of achieving them. Learn how to have our support to permanently reach your goals by participating in our health coaching program.

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  • 1x 15 min Discovery call
  • 2x one hour private coaching sessions by zoom
  • Detailed sessions notes including action steps and recommendations
  • Complimentary Mindfulness workbook
  • Identify your challenges/roadblocks and find solutions to overcome them
  • Daily journal/food journal analysis
  • A variety of simple and healthy recipes
  • A variety of educational handouts
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

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